People all over the planet are stepping into the power of Divine Feminine leadership.
We’re shifting the paradigm - and we’re doing it together!

Birthing in New Earth: RISE invites you to stand up in your own potential, use your voice
to speak out for what’s right, and take a stance for what you believe in.

Women are rising to reclaim our power, our voices, our bodies, and our truth.

Now is the time to put our voices out there, so that we can help the healing process of the
planet as we transition through this time of great change.

6 days,
40+ world renowned speakers and thought leaders, 

45+ talks, sessions and workshops,
Free online event ...
Are you ready to RISE?

Are you ready?

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Yes, I am ready to Rise!

Meet the Creatresses, Mothers, Lovers, here to share with you:

We are beyond excited to share with you and rising together in Love and Unity!

September 22nd - 27th, 2021

At Birthing in New Earth: RISE you’ll find an empowering collective of speakers ready to share their wisdom on topics such as menstruation, pregnancy, birth, motherhood, bodies, business, healing, and leadership.

The Gathering is an inspiring and empowering celebration of togetherness, taking place on the Spring and Autumn equinox. The old paradigms/structures are crumbling and it is time to create new paths and reconnect to the ancient ways. When we come together collectively and RISE TOGETHER, there is immense power and potency. We stay steady on our own paths, as we Birth in this New Earth together.

Are you ready?

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Yes, I am ready to Rise!

Who are we?

Birthing in New Earth is a collective of amazing souls, who share in a common vision. Now more than ever it is time to gather and co-create the future of our dreams.

We at Birthing in New Earth believe that when we awaken the divine feminine around the areas of birth, business and spirituality, we create ripples of change that spread throughout the world. Each beautiful soul in our collective is sharing their heart’s mission; when we gather together, lift each other up and share in common goals, there is immense power and potency for change. 

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Part of our proceeds from the gathering will be going to the organisation Karma Collab. 

Karma Collab is  a for-purpose social enterprise that is dedicated to the education of girls in India & the empowerment of women on a global scale. The intention is to offer you an opportunity to collaborate & contribute to the elevation of our shared humanity.